The Green Crabtree Falls

Uplifting, Joyous and Indulgent

Yellow, green and blue abstract painting for saleThe Green Crabtree Falls is an original piece of abstract art that conjures images and feelings of nature fused together with an extraordinary level of eye-watering detail and finesse. Rich, natural tones blend beautifully with charismatic shapes to produce a painting that carries movement and emotion to a whole new level.

From almost any angle this painting carries a real sense of purpose and life. His forms bloom and grow whilst his shaping is structured, organic and masculine. The entirety of this painting feels like it is a constant state of growth; always moving and evolving. I feel like I can actually see him growing right off the edge of the canvas. Free flowing lines and patterns move upwards and out of the middle into the sides carrying energy and vibrancy as they go.

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The central shapes are solid and complete and help to lift the painting all the way up the canvas. I get a feeling of togetherness and tranquility as if one feels him as an extension of the ground we walk upon. It is this constant that radiates balance and peacefulness through the painting. The rich central form permeates into a dizzying array of finesse and fragility.

Bold and vibrant yellows shoot and dart off from this in a virtuous dance of unbridled joy as they seek out new paths; carrying with them all that the painting has become. A myriad of different techniques has allowed me to create some truly gorgeous shapes and textures that promote feelings of happiness and contentment; all safe in the knowledge that there is stability and balance to the core of the painting. In many areas you can see that I have taken enormous care to blend individual drips together to form some truly staggering patterns and shapes. This kind of application takes patience and time to perfect.

At the base of the piece is a complex and delicately painted area with subtle blending of blues, greens and whites conveying the natural beauty of and order of things that provide for us but that we can rarely see; proving that beauty can be born out of what appears as disorder.

The level of textural and fine detailing in this painting has added a sense of occasion. In many ways as you stand in close proximity to him he becomes an infinite plethora of small paintings all combined together to produce a masterly display of composition, joyous indulgence in colour and an uplifting reflection of the natural world around us.

love my art or your money backI want you to be over the moon with your new investment of Rachelle Antoinette Original Art, if you are not entirely satisfied I will refund your money back hassle free*.

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  • Mediums : Enamels on triple primed canvas.
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