Ethereal and Elemental

Original Abstract Expressionism Oil PaintingEvangeline is a piece of abstract art that conjurers feelings of calm and peace in ways that reach out like very few paintings. Her subtle tonal balance is offset by areas of strong vibrant colours allowing you to pick out shapes and forms reminiscent of oceans, landscapes, beautiful skies and tranquil shades of natural elements.

As with many of my paintings she is packed with stunning details and areas of wonderment. Delicate wisps and fronds of colour effortlessly melt into each other to produce a painting that carries intrigue and fascination along with peacefulness and contentment.

In a snapshot of balanced perfection she grasps onto a moment in time that stirs feelings of well being and serenity. Highlights of carefully placed blue, purple, pale green and metallic silver bring a vibrant energy into her meandering forms and textures whilst also giving a simplistic natural feeling to her. She is both ethereal and elemental; balanced in a co-existence of harmonious bliss.

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The use of a blended outer edge frames the painting fantastically well; offering a window to view the painting through – captured in all her gossamer like fragility.

Rivers of gorgeous deep blues and whites flow majestically through all parts of this piece; blended seamlessly with minute drops and acres of pure colour that tenderly weave their way through all areas of the canvas.

She is the very embodiment of all that can be expressed when something else takes over; feelings and emotions that give way to an outpouring of intense creativity. Stunningly beautiful from all angles and breathtakingly haunting in her grace and presence Evangeline is all you could ever ask for from a piece of pure abstract expressionism.

love my art or your money backI want you to be over the moon with your new investment of Rachelle Antoinette Original Art, if you are not entirely satisfied I will refund your money back hassle free*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Size :100cm x 70cm x 38mm deep
  • Mediums : Enamels on triple primed canvas.
  • How to buy Evangeline > If you would like to purchase this painting please contact me in the first instance for furthur information.
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Please note room settings are for display purposes only and actual size of painting may differ than depicted – please check size before purchasing. Thank you.

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