About Me

Yorkshire Abstract Artist Rachelle AntoinetteYorkshire Abstract Artist Rachelle Antoinette.

I am a North Yorkshire abstract artist, originally born in Edgbaston, Birmingham.
I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and my desire to work as an artist began in my teenage years.
Self taught I began in figurative art, creating portraits of the famous and wildlife particularly birds and tigers where attention to detail is incredibly conscious.
My transition into abstract expressionism came much later in my 30s and began at dawn break of the new millennium standing on an empty beach presenced by only me, my dog and the seagulls…
The sky broke into iridescent shades and tones of orange changing in front of my eyes for every second that passed, there was no fine detail no obvious representation to speak of,  just form and colour, freedom yet discipline that only nature can create  and it was then I knew this was what I wanted to convey in my paintings. For me the importance is where a connection is made from a feeling above “getting it” with a meaning, where the viewer can engage their own imagination rather than me putting it all into a nice neat box for them.

As it is for many north yorkshire artists, living on the east coast of North Yorkshire means inspiration for my abstract art is never very far away, from the dense woodland of Forge Valley , the open spaces of the North Yorkshire Moors and the ever changing coastline draws the foundation for my paintings.  Embracing my interests in the  environment , space , alchemical theories, the spiritual and ancient mysteries with the beauty of my surroundings transcends into a core of artwork that includes geometric abstraction and elemental art (also known as earth art).

Watch this short video synopsis to know more about me and my art inspirations.