Life and Growth – the Black the Red and the White

Abstract Oil Painting Titled GenesisWith it’s stark and contrasting forms and striking use of colour Genesis transcends all the stereotypes of modern art by encompassing a powerful image that not only envelopes you but also stimulates a moods of enlightenment and positivity.

As his name suggests, he is a very organic composition; nurturing a sense of growth and beginning. Part of this feeling of wonder is down to the elemental colours used in his construction and the deftness and sympathetic way they have been applied.
A feeling of life surging through the darkness abounds with tremendous energy to produce a feeling that the white and red forms are about to explode right off the surface of the canvas. Delicate fronds emanate from a void in a display of power and beauty that places Genesis in a whole new genre of art.

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Passion and desire mixes alongside tranquillity and peace to produce both a monosyllabic area of red that is uncompromising and an almost divine-like area of white that takes your eye on a journey of harmony and light. The intricate detailing in this part of the painting only goes to further enhance the complexities of all that we are and how small fundamental changes can have dramatic and positive effects upon us. You only need examine the interaction of greys and blacks to see this in action.
In its purest form this Genesis is about life and growth.
Proof that even out of the most baron areas of nothingness can spring something altogether incredible. For me this painting radiates all that is amazing about rejuvenation and re-birth. The notion that any kind of organic growth is possible should be celebrated, no matter how it develops. It is, after all, representative of what makes us who we are. This is just one of the many deep and fulfilling parts to this piece; its ability to fill us with hope and belief that from the smallest of things can something incredible can happen.
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  • Mediums : Enamels on triple primed canvas.
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