"... a place that exists
in imagination"

Uplifting and serene triptych.

abstract art triptych paintingsIn a fond memory, as if floating through a coral reef, this staggeringly beautiful abstract pulls together all I adore about painting. This piece is engaging, flowing and joyous. In a carefree and almost limitless array of forms you can almost feel yourself being supported by an enveloping cascade of warmth and peacefulness.

One of the many surprising aspects of this piece is its ability to express its shapes and forms individually yet also act as a single entity. The power of this is demonstrated in the blue applications to great effect as they not only serve to bind together key elements of the piece but also offer to interject and break up areas the eye automatically becomes drawn to.

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One of the most striking and captivating aspects of these paintings is the use of a complementary range of colours; which is one of the outstanding achievements in this piece. It is also the concept of form that shapes this painting and its ability to convey only the strongest feelings of harmony and well-being. Closer inspection of these three panels will reveal incredible attention to detail and meticulous care for the placement and mixing of tones. Soft balancing blooms and confident angles offer a plethora of intrigue and bewilderment. Like a symphony of light dancing across the canvas.

Careful accenting with key phrases in white and green enhance a delicate and fragile range of patterning that can only be described as breathtaking. My years of experience have taught me to be very respectful of how I mix and blend colours to produce some of the effects that you can see. Continuing the flow between panels was especially difficult.
As you stand away from the painting you tend to find that the whole room becomes bathed in a serene and natural radiance that transmits to every corner. This piece is not overpowering or dominant – it is merely present everywhere you stand, permeating through light and space. Colour transcends to shape then on into movement then back to begin again; shifting and changing as you interact with it. It never stays still: like life itself.

Ultimately this painting makes you feel good about yourself. It makes you forget who and what and allows you to just loose yourself in the most peaceful and enlightening of moments – a place you can choose to dwell indefinitely. Sure, it was complicated; time consuming and tricky to get right but what has resulted from my endeavours is something of a marvel of expression, technique and passion.

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  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Size :
  • Mediums : Acrylics on triple primed canvas.
  • Elysium is now unavailable for furthur information or to commission a similiar piece please feel free contact me
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