Spontaneous, Thrilling and Tender

Abstract Oil Painting in Red and Silver PaintAlexandria is a very spirited painting, full of power, emotion and sensitivity. She exudes a life and presence that is all-encompassing. Like a powerful heartbeat she conveys a depth and a passion that envelopes you in a warm embrace.

With a spontaneous yet perfectly balanced outer edge she is held in a transient moment of suspension that is both thrilling and tender. Powerful blends of strong red tones are beautifully offset by a continuous seam of metallic silver weaving through the very heart of this mesmerizing painting.
As you relax into the piece and let her natural forms lead you from one side to the other you begin to release the astonishing complexity and detail that is present in her almost fractal-like forms. I used a tremendous amount of delicacy in applying these shapes which have produced a distinct calmness and temperance to the painting.

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In a joyous expression of colour and emotion she transmits a life-force that is hard to ignore. The rich textures within her promote a real sense of belonging and contentment that lifts her into a place of serene bliss. Painting her has involved great patience and understanding; allowing her to breathe and grow whilst her intricate forms took shape. She has so much fine detailing in fact that you have to get up very close to reveal her hidden beauty and almost gossamer-like finish. Without a doubt she is one of the most beautiful pieces of abstract art I have ever created. She now feels very complete; vibrant in her colour, deft and poetic in her detailing and rich in the expressiveness of what drives us all.
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  • Mediums : Enamels on triple primed canvas.
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