Cancer Rising

Harmony, peace and tranquility in geometric abstraction

geometric abstract art green and blueCancer Rising is a stunning loose geometric abstract painting that encompasses balance and promotes harmony with his healing colours and demonstrates an astonishing dexterity with paint.
He is composed from regular squares created in free form ; all individual and unique in colouration and composition. Linking together to form a mosaic of intrigue and calm this painting soothes and caresses you into a contented place of peace and tranquility…..

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Beautiful, subtle tonal changes and intelligent use of hue variation using green and blue, have fused together to produce this painting of graceful balance and delicate poise. There are areas that highlight the senses …knowledge of a creation “of room within the painting and allowance in his space to relax.”
You’ll notice that certain cells are enclosed, into their own frame… like tiny paintings forming a bigger one. It’s a representation of how small things can make something magnificent. How the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Cancer Rising shines as an example of patience, belief and peacefulness. Technically adept, beautifully enchanting and packed full of pure serenity. He conveys a poetic balance and order that will surely bring peace to any space he is hung in.
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  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Size :
  • Mediums : Acrylics on triple primed canvas. Framed.
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