Crystal Synergy Abstract

 A Figurative and Spiritual act of Synergy.

Modern abstract art framedOn first reaction this deceptively easy going painting relates peacefulness, balance and calm. Perhaps it recalls memories of the sea and sky. The abounding cascades of blues are beautifully blended to form large areas of colour that merge together in a calm and organized way.

What I also adore about this painting is the way that particular areas of it have been painted using a mixture of techniques yet end up looking like they were painted using different ones altogether. And when you add this to the fact the whole piece is only painted using blue and white and you can begin to appreciate how breathtaking Crystal Synergy actually is.

It is perhaps only when you really begin to look carefully at the painting that you realise there is so much more to it than you may have realised. For me, the two main rectangular areas appear as windows – standing away from the background as if floating towards the viewer.

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In a curious twist it is what lies beyond these window-like representations that really captures the true magic of this painting. See past these and you come face to face with images and reflections of faces. Souls that drift in and out of the painting as if they were coming closer and then moving further away again. In a ghostly kind of transience their ability to move and shape through the very heart of this painting is an achievement of extraordinary skill and unlike anything else I have ever seen.

But, in actual fact, is Crystal Synergy really acting like a mirror? Are we really just using our own reactions to the painting to bounce off the inevitable? That we are actually able to see ourselves in different ways all at the same time? As if we are momentarily frozen in time. Perhaps the strong use of blue is an indication of that very sensation. If ever we could find a gateway to step outside of ourselves for a short while then Crystal Synergy would be it. Maybe the ultimate gift she gives is one of retrospective reflection.

By definition the act of synergy is the bringing together of things to produce something that wouldn’t be obtainable on its own; isn’t this the absolute zenith for abstractism? This painting brings together so many elements, figurative and spiritual as well as technical and artistic. To deny oneself the opportunity of seeing her for what really she is would be to miss out on something very special.

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  • Mediums : Blue, purple and white artist acrylics on triple primed canvas. Framed.
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