Lady Thea

Harmony, hope and happiness.

Resin Art Turquoise and Midnight Blue

Lady Thea – The Waterhorse

, is one of those rare paintings that captures all the incredible things about great pieces of abstract art. The strength of her complex shapes give way to a gentle, uplifting freedom of movement that carries your mind off into the very heart of the painting.
Her subtle and beautiful colouration instantly relaxes and calms as her shapes begin to weave across your eyes – allowing you to effortlessly meander around her intricate forms and shaping. She also has a tremendous balance too; the passion and emotion that you feel as you get drawn around the arc shape is perfectly tamed by the reassuring circular body that contains the rest of the painting.

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Sharp, free flowing forms radiate from all sides of this painting like solar flares; permeating into the outer edges of the canvas. This offers an intriguing and vibrant insight into the sheer exuberance of this piece; almost as if she can barely contain her joy and excitement. Lady Thea is a very free and very powerful piece of abstract art. She is not constrained and not held back yet she has an underlying belief in her own self-assurance. An extraordinary representation of harmony, hope and happiness.
Subtle marbling is balanced by an expressive tidal wave of colour that reaches a crescendo as the deep blue kicks in. Lady Thea works on so many levels because of the skill in applying this key tonal change. With such a centered and healing piece I knew that adding blue would require significant attention to detail. Every tiny amount has been carefully applied to add that feeling of authority and depth that has pulled Lady Thea together into this astonishing paradox of beauty. I can best illustrate this by suggesting that she is incredibly light yet very powerful too. She has an intensity that is compelling, infectious and utterly irresistible.

She was painted using a special blend of oil based paints and coated in resin delivering a high gloss finish. The canvas was painted in white before hand so all areas of the canvas are painted. Th sides are painted midnight blue. As you look at her from different angles you can see the textures of the paint rise and fall as they interact with those around them: adding yet another dimension to this extraordinary painting.

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  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Orientation – Diamond :
  • Size : Centre diagonal measurement 84 cms , diamond shape covers 0.38 square meters of wall space.
  • Mediums : Enamels and Resin on triple primed canvas.
  • Colours: Turquoise and Night Blue. Edges painted in Midnight Blue
  • SOLD
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