The Admiral

A Rich and Dynamic Black and White Oil Painting

Original Abstract Art in Black and White On CanvasFor abstract art to represent anything you want is accepted, but every once in a while you find a piece that gives you EVERYTHING you want.
This black and white painting bestows a freedom and energy that exudes from every single millimetre of his capacious forms. Stunning contrasts and haunting shapes combine astonishing details to serve up a visual feast that draws you in and sends you on a cascade of positivity and completion.

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In creating The Admiral I decided to use a very minimal palette of colours, which always means a tricky balance between restraint and adventure. In many ways the deep black hook brings all the other elements together; never too present but always there. The rich and dynamic flow is tempered by the use of brilliant white to produce a charismatic and ethereal tone; allowing the painting room to grow and breathe. The shapes meander and shift in a vaccum of calm that almost makes you feel like the paint is still liquid. In his manifestation lies an illusion that makes you think you are looking at more colours than you really are.

In many ways this kind of abstract is almost devoid of any kind of recognisable figuration and leads me to feel The Admiral breaks new ground in his abstractism by offering a myriad of sensory possibilities for what we may perceive him to symbolize or remind us of.

For me, with his graceful and tenacious forms, he is all about the moment. Like a slice of time or a snapshot of history Unlike anything else I can recall what lies at the true heart of this painting transcends one to that very rare of places within ones self.

In every way and on every level,The Admiral is as complete a piece of art as I have ever created to date,and has been characterized as a daring, complex and breathtakingly beautiful piece of abstract art.
Being able to put space in such a small painting was a very complicated thing to get right but as it owes existence to years of patience with my paints and layer upon layer of skilled application, he sits as effortlessly as that of an obligatory sunrise. His ability to deliver such a massive range of feelings, intrigue and wonderment leaves me able to exhale and when the transition between art and soul becomes complete that’s when I know I’ve witnessed The Admiral… what about you?

  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Mediums : Enamels on triple primed canvas.
  • Sold.