Carefree, controlled and colourful

abstract-art-temp8Temperance captures lightness and strength together with clever use of contrasting colours to produce a deceptively complex piece of abstract art that is effortless to look at and a dream to live with. It is both subtle and striking and revealingly individual. It reminds me of all kinds of things – pansies, butterflies, kites flying, humming birds and coral reefs.

One of the many surprising aspects of this piece is its ability to express its shapes and forms individually yet also act as a single entity. The power of this is demonstrated in the blue applications to great effect as they not only serve to bind together key elements of the piece but also offer to interject and break up areas the eye automatically becomes drawn to.

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The subtle use of a technique that allows paint to be put on then selectively taken off has resulted in a truly effortless yet strikingly beautiful piece of art. Gone are the temptations to accent with harsh primary colours; being joyously replaced with a significant number of tonal hues that dance across the canvas in a playful and charismatic way.

It would be easy to become distracted by significant areas of colour if the balance of the painting wasn’t right. With attention to this I have constructed the piece in such a way that although I am able to clearly make a statement with my forms I am not overpowering any one part of the painting with unnecessary heaviness or drama. The whole really is greater than the sum of the parts.

As you get closer you begin to reveal subtle stroke work, wisps of applied colours that have gently caressed the surface of the canvas then fallen away again. Soft yet determined angles and sharp staccato strokes mix with seamless colour blends to produce a secondary effect that enhances all the main shapes and colours. It is this detailing that really brings the whole composition together.

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  • Mediums : Acrylics on triple primed canvas.
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