Sunflowers Original Painting

Happiness, Strength and Adoration

Violet, blue and yellow abstract art on canvasSunflowers is an utterly blissful painting; conjuring feelings of weightlessness and light. Delicate and subtle tones build long, slender shapes that rise through the painting ; growing and maturing into something spectacular.

Blended yet striking shapes at the top catch the eye in a powerful yet embracing moment that captures a level of well-being rarely found in paintings of this genre.

Their singular points focus our attention yet conversely the glow of their surrounding edges offer a purposeful tranquility that envelops you in a cascade of contentment.

Brilliant use of marginal shading has given precedent to highlights that would otherwise not be seen; adding a unique perspective to a painting that feels larger and more revealing than it actually is.

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Set in an off-white mount and surrounded by a gold effect frame Sunflowers demonstrates all that is magical about my kind of art – that ability to convey something profound whilst still allowing you to see exactly what you want to see, time after time after time.
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  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Size :
  • Mediums : Acrylics on triple primed canvas. Framed.
  • No longer available.
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