... land between
two rivers..

Geometric Art “Land Between Rivers” (Ancient Mesopotamia)

Original Painting In Acrylics By Rachelle AntoinetteMesopotamia may not be an easy painting to describe but it is the exact opposite to look at. Natural, organic green and blue hues flow into each other in a tumultuous celebration of harmony and togetherness. The ability to be able to bring individual components into one body, acting on its own, takes great care and skill.
It is perhaps one of Mesopotamia’s greatest strengths to bring a melee of contrasting elements together into one complete whole that gives the painting such a tranquillity and power that subtly translates into a truly mesmerizing and hypnotic piece. If we look at the name of the painting we can deduce that the literal translation is ‘Land Between Rivers’; a suitably apt title for a representative abstract that translates the majesty of individually structured natural elements being connected by another earthly constant.

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Standing away from the painting and you get a very balanced and harmonious feeling that one cell flows into its neighbour beautifully. Move closer towards it and that balance becomes more dynamic and powerful; allowing you to see the incredible blending and toning that has gone into producing this very singular and individual piece of art.
What’s even more astounding is the way that all the components have been painted freehand, without lines or sketching; being able to translate a constant emotion across an expanse of canvas and keep balance and stability is a truly great achievement.
And it is perhaps this quality that overtakes the heart and mind as you become more familiar with the painting – the premise that all things, no matter how random or unorganised they may seem on the surface, are connected by one thing or another and that their power and beauty is there for us to see if we just take a moment to stop and look.
Mesopotamia is a calming and very grounded piece of abstract art; with sharp angles in places and soft, caressing tonal shifts in others it is a painting that manages to be exciting, blissful and tender all at the same time.
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  • Mediums : Green and blue artist acrylic on triple primed canvas.
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