Dreamcatcher Acrylic Painting

Rich deep oranges and reds.

abstract art paintingThis sumptuous painting has a rich and charismatic flow of effortless shapes, forms and textures. This type of abstract art releases a curiosity in your mind that suggests all kinds of interesting figures. Joyous, interesting and carefree. This piece has so many interesting orientations. This means that the way you view it or hang it can alter the what you see in the piece. Strong visual representations allow you to see many familiar shapes and forms.
I painted Dreamcatcher in orange, red and black acrylic paints and it is ready to be hung.

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Clever and bold use of just three colours serve to further enhance the sweeping arcs as they rise and fall yet maintain a careful balance between all elements of the painting.
love my art or your money backI want you to be over the moon with your new investment of Rachelle Antoinette Original Art, if you are not entirely satisfied I will refund your money back hassle free*.

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  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Size :
  • Mediums : Acrylics on triple primed canvas.
  • No lnger available
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