Inner Strength and Beauty

Black & white abstract art on canvasBoadicea is one of those paintings that hits you in an instant. Time stops, your throat dries and you feel an uncontrollable urge to speak but can’t. When all that is around you becomes a haze and all the powers of thought drain from your mind that’s when you know you’re seeing something very special. That’s when you know you’ve met Boadicea.

It’s a rare thing to find a painting that speaks back to you but Boadicea does just that; she sings from her core to all who will listen. In many ways she is a deep and complicated piece – her strong black tones weave and flow around the canvas with an intense authority; yet she is also extraordinarily gentle and fragile – pure white rivers and waves carry you on a serene and blissful journey into her very soul.

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Her majesty lies in the way I have let her breathe; I have painted strong and contrasting areas whilst blending others together to form astonishingly complex areas of detail: something she is in no short supply of. Part of her overwhelming presence is down to the shapes I have created. See how she moves in all directions; ephemeral and gossamer like. She cares not for anything but freedom and expression and because of that she radiates an inner strength and beauty that is all encompassing.

In her endlessly enlightening twists and turns she manages to become balanced and controlled; never too light and never too heavy. In her raw and uncomplicated edges she is alive and blissful yet as her forms draw us to her centre we see her core; the painting that she really is: resounding, resplendent and incomprehensibly beautiful.

Boadicea is pure; she has nothing to hide from anyone. She carries such an incredible power that you could be forgiven for thinking this was all she was capable of but, to miss the truth, to miss her inner beauty would be to deny yourself the opportunity of letting her into your heart and that’s when you really begin to see her for what she really is: the ultimate expression of togetherness, strength and love.

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  • Mediums : Enamels on triple primed canvas.
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