Swarez and Nimblerunner Need You!

Swarez Charity Auction for Cancer Research UK

If I told you, you can make a difference in the next five minutes and it won’t cost you more than the five minutes, would you believe me?

Yes? Great! read on ….

No? Ok, read on and lets see if I can change your mind 🙂

Its a sad fact cancer affects 1 in 3 people, so most of us will have been affected in some way by this terrible disease, whether directly or indirectly. I was 9yrs old when my maternal grandmother developed cancer she passed away through a related illness at just 56yrs young.

Fortunately 30 some years on there continue to be individuals, groups and charities who want to do something to help fight this disease. One of those charities is Cancer Research UK a United Kingdom charity whos work is entirely funded by the public to enable : providing information about cancer, run campaigns aimed at raising awareness of the disease , influencing public policy and conduct research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

One of CRUK’s avid fundraisers is runner Stephen Auker with a personal goal to raise £50,000 for Cancer Research UK .

On July 17th 2011 at 9.15pm GMT UK Artist Swarez will be launching a 7 day Charity Art Auction and auctioning his very large beautiful rayonistic acrylic painting called “Nothing Can Keep Me From You” where the proceeds of the auction sale will go to Stephens JustGiving pot – Cancer Research UK being the sole receiver of all the money raised.

charity auction for Cancer Research UK

charity fundraiser Stephen Auker

We all need to help each other.

OK, so not everybody is going to bid for a number of reasons 🙂 but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something, which is why Swarez and Nimblerunner Need You.

I strongly believe in the power of people and when we work together much can be accomplished, so remember at the beginning I said you can make a difference even if you dont bid? Here’s how:

Follow the link provided for more information about the painting and the auction – then share with your social networking friends whether its your Twitterati, your Facebook friends your email friends anyone who will RT, share, Stumble, poke or bid! – its as easy as that , it could be your sharing that creates a chain of events that leads to a great deal of money raised for such a worthy cause and some very lucky person owning this beautiful work of abstract art by UK artist Swarez……. so if you do nothing else today go check it out and share!

Told you you could make a difference 😉
Laterz Rachelle

Links to find out more:

Cancer Research UK

Stephen Auker   If you want to do more but still unable to bid you can still donate. Just go to Stephens justgiving page and you can donate from there or you can donate between £1.00 – £10.00 by text  via justtextgiving heres how : Text NIMB50 (and the amount you want to donate ie:  NIMB50 £1.00)    TO  70070. It’s as easy as that , all donations are  gratefully received and will do so much to help Cancer Research UK. Thank you. 🙂




2 Responses to "Swarez and Nimblerunner Need You!"
  • July 17, 2011
    Stephen (Nimble Runner)

    Thank you for your help Rachelle. Wonderfull bit of blogging. x

  • July 17, 2011

    OMG Rachelle, I am so made up by all the effort and work you have done on this Blog post. I am honoured and humbled by your amazing support.

    Your words really do make all the difference.

    Thankyou so much.