Abstract Art ‘Uriel’

Deep, rich and bursting with emotion

URIEL-ROOM-SHOT-2bHarmony, balance, vibrancy and passion – this painting has all these qualities in abundance. Rich and powerful oranges mix with a subtle and dominant blend of greys and blacks whilst the merest hints of pure white serve to add a delicate composure and restraint to the piece.
In many ways Uriel can be interpreted as a maelstrom of fire and anger but to stop there is to miss out on something altogether more definitive. The interaction of the shapes and forms come through above that of the colour as you look at it for a while longer. The three dominant shapes that form the base layer are the real carriers of this painting, promoting a sense of hope, balance and stability as they carefully and playfully twist and turn from the top to the bottom and back again.

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The juxtaposition of this concept over the depth and radiance of the oranges give a real sense of involvement, almost as if you could step inside the painting. Delicate wisps of colour, deftly applied add a caring and sensitive angle to the piece that serves to calm and nurture the movement of the other applications. I feel this painting is very much about hope and faith as much as it is a celebration of the here and now. Passion, fun, desire, happiness and temperance can all exist with each other as Uriel is living proof of.
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  • Mediums : Acrylics on triple primed canvas. Framed
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